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TMJ: The Mystery Joint

jpDid you know you had something called a TMJ? It is your temporomandibular joint. Your TMJ is the joint that connects your bottom jaw to your skull allowing you to speak and eat. It is located in front of your ear. Take our multiple choice quiz below to see how familiar you are with your TMJ: the mystery joint.

Multiple Choice

1. Your TMJ is the one joint that:

A. You will never have trouble with

B. Is broken most often

C. Is a pain in the neck

D. None of the above

2. TMJ disorders are referred to as:

A. TMD’s which stands for temporomandibular joint disorders


C. TMJprob

D. All of the above

3. TMJ disorders may cause the following symptoms:

A. Headaches

B. Difficulty chewing

C. Sore throat

D. Both A and B

4. Causes of TMDs can include:

A. Bruxing

B. Arthritis

C. Accident or trauma

D. All of the above

5. Some treatments for TMDs include:

A. Jaw stretches

B. Pain killers

C. Relaxation techniques

D. All of the above


1. C: Your TMJ can literally cause you pain in the neck.

2. A: A TMJ disorder is technically referred to as a TMD. However, the term TMJ and TMD are often used interchangeably.

3. D: TMJ disorders can cause a variety of symptoms including headaches; difficulty chewing; pain in the jaw joint and/or surrounding facial muscles; neck and shoulder pain; popping, clicking, or locking jaw; ringing in the ears or the sensation of having plugged ears; limited jaw movement; difficulty or pain chewing; stiff jaw; and sore jaw muscles.

4. D:  Causes can include grinding and clenching your teeth (bruxing), accident or trauma, arthritis, and an abnormal bite among other things.

5. D:  TMDs can usually be treated with conservative treatments such as stretches, relaxation techniques, hot and cold therapies, and/or an occlusal splint.


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