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Nothing Is All Bad

chocolate1Do you love chocolate? It is commonly held that chocolate is bad for your teeth. Chocolate is full of processed sugar and when sugar remains in your mouth after eating it attracts pathogenic oral bacteria. These bacteria turn sugars into acids that eat away at your teeth causing cavities. But what if chocolate contained something good for your teeth, something that helped fight the oral pathogenic bacteria? You would probably love chocolate even more!

Sugar and Cavities

It is a commonly held misbelief that sugar is solely responsible for causing cavities. In actuality a number of factors come together to cause tooth decay. Sugar is responsible for attracting bad bacteria that live in your mouth, but it is the harmful oral bacteria that use the sugar to create enamel eating acids which cause tooth decay.


We already know that chocolate is not all bad, especially dark chocolate. Chocolate is high in minerals, antioxidants, and flavonoids. Research indicates that it helps increase good cholesterol and lower blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke by nearly 40 percent. Research also indicates that chocolate may help fight cavity causing bacteria. The cocoa bean husk used to make chocolate has been proven to have antibacterial properties that can help fight tooth decay.

The antibacterial properties in the husk work to eliminate the bad bacteria that metabolize sugars into harmful enamel eating acids. By reducing the pathogenic oral bacteria in your oral cavity, eating chocolate balances out the sugar and bacteria levels in your mouth, helping to reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Unfortunately, as of right now, this part of the cocoa bean husk is not included in chocolate. However, researchers have recommended that the cocoa bean husk be included as an ingredient in chocolate due to its oral health benefits.


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