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Gear Up for Football Season with Athletic Mouthguards

Football PlayerWith school back in session, football season is here. Unfortunately, rigorous training sessions and games can lead to injuries. Teeth are particularly vulnerable to high impact sports like football. To help protect athlete’s smiles from the blows that are likely to occur, mouth protection is essential. Be aware of common dental injuries that can result from sports participation at any age, and how you can strive for prevention of mouth injuries.

Fractured Tooth

When the outer layers of your tooth (enamel and dentin) are compromised, you can have a tooth fracture. Tooth fractures are often minor, such as small chips or cracks, but they can extend into the root. If fractures offer a direct path to the pulp of your teeth, bacteria will have a chance to penetrate the roots and cause serious infection and tooth decay. If you suspect you have a tooth fracture, contact your dentist immediately.

Displaced Tooth

A displaced tooth is one that is nearly knocked out by a hard impact, but still attached by the roots. The tooth will be loose, and possibly twisted into an unusual angle. It is good news if the tooth is still attached, however, because there is a good chance that your dentist can utilize a splint to keep the tooth into proper position while the roots strengthen.

Knocked Out Tooth

If a tooth is completely severed from the roots, prosthetic replacement is not the only available option available to restore your smile. If you are able to respond quickly, there is a chance that knocked out teeth can be re-implanted. Your best chances of re-implantation will be if the tooth is kept moist with a glass of milk. The milk will neutralize acid to keep the severed tooth free from bacteria while you travel to your dentist for an emergency appointment. Getting to the dentist within an hour after the tooth is knocked out will improve your chances of keeping your original tooth.

Protect your Smile with Athletic Mouthguards

Developing the habit of wearing athletic mouthguards whenever you practice or play a game will go a long way in preventing sports related dental injuries. Good oral hygiene should also be a part of your plan. When teeth are healthy and strong, they are more likely to withstand the heavy impact a defensive lineman with a swift approach.

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