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Are Dental Implants a Good Choice for You?

Attractive older couple smilingIf you have lost one or more permanent teeth to tooth decay, gum disease, or injury, or if you may need to have a compromised, infected, or painful tooth extracted in the near future, you will need to research your options for replacing that missing tooth. The loss of even a single adult tooth can trigger a series of events that can result in further tooth loss, TMJ related headaches, and an increased risk for gum disease and dental caries (tooth decay). Any type of tooth replacement will help maintain proper spacing along the dental arch but only a dental implant retained replacement tooth will help you maintain good bone health as well. If you’re in need of a reliable, long-lasting, true-to-life replacement tooth, scheduling a dental implant consultation with your Garland TX dentist, Dr. Vi Mai, would be in your best interest.

A Few Benefits of Dental Implants

The three basic components of a dental implant include the implant post, the abutment (the connecting piece), and the restoration (the part that replaces the visible part of the missing tooth). The unique dental implant design mimics the crown-and-root structure of a real tooth. Some of the benefits of this innovative dental prosthetic include:

  • High success rate. The nationwide average success rate of a single, crown-topped implant is 95% according to the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.
  • Versatility. Dental implants can be topped with a single crown, a bridge, partial dentures, or a full arch denture, depending on your needs.
  • More conservative single tooth replacement. Placing a dental bridge involves removing some of the healthy structure of the abutment (neighboring) teeth. Although placing the posts involves a surgical procedure, dental implants are more conservative than bridges because they do not require the removal of any healthy tooth structure.
  • Maintains bone health. When you lose a tooth, your body halts the delivery of crucial, bone-building nutrients to the area. As a result, the jawbone begins to weaken, leading to facial collapse. Implant posts exert pressure and force within the jaw like a natural tooth root, stimulating the delivery of those nutrients vital to good bone health.

Your Dental Implant Restoration Expert

Dr. Vi Mai is a trusted Garland, TX dentist with years of experience designing and placing dental implant restorations. She partners with a trusted oral surgeon who performs the implantation surgery in our comfortable practice, so you never have to travel to an unfamiliar office. Her caring chairside manner and her clinical expertise make her a great choice if you need dental implants or any other restorative, cosmetic, or general dental care.

To schedule a dental implant consultation with Dr. Mai, contact our Garland, TX dental practice at (972) 530-0552. We proudly treat patients and families from Garland, Richardson, Plano, Sachse, Rowlett, and surrounding cities.

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