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Garland, TX Dentist Provides a Partial Dentures FAQ

partial denturesDo you need the help of restorative dental pieces, such as, partial dentures to complete your smile? Then you may want to read today’s article. The use of restorative dentistry helps return functionality to smiles that have endured either partial or full tooth loss.

To answer her patients questions about restorative dentistry, particularly about partial dentures, your Garland, TX dentist, Dr. Vi Truong-Mai offers the following FAQ.

Your Partial Dentures Questions Answered

Q1: What’s the difference between a full and partial denture?

A1: Partials dentures have been geared for patients who only have a few missing teeth, whereas a full denture is meant for a person who has suffered with complete tooth loss. With partials, a patient can fill-in the missing tooth gap with ease to make everyday activities simple again.

Q2: Is the acclimation period difficult?

A2: Getting used to partial dentures can prove a bit challenging for some patients. However, the learning curve for partials is significantly less than that of full dentures. In general, though, most patients become fully comfortable with partials after just couple of weeks. Afterward, this tooth replacement is worn with confidence and free of troubles.

Q3: Will my speech improve?

A3: Yes, speech does significantly improve the addition of partials. According to your Garland, TX dentist, missing tooth gaps allow existing teeth to shift, which can create changes in speech patterns. Yet, if partials have been placed shortly after tooth loss has occurred, the patient shouldn’t experience any major changes in speech—they will continue to talk as before.

Q4: What can I eat with my partials?

A4: While you’re still adjusting to your dentures, it’s important to ward off excessively hard foods. Instead, Dr. Mai recommends that you eat a softer foods diet for at least a few days to learn how to eat with your partials in place. This includes eating more ripened fruit and softened veggies. Then, once you become confident with your restorative mouth piece, you can reincorporate your favorite foods into your diet.

Mai Cosmetic and Family Dentistry Offers Excellent Restorative Dentistry

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