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Learn Proper Gum Contouring Aftercare, from Your Garland, TX Dentist

perfect smileGum contouring (or crown lengthening) has become a very popular procedure to correct smiles with an uneven gum to enamel ratio—also called a gummy smile. To ensure her patients have a successful recovery after a gum contouring procedure, your Garland, TX dentist, Dr. Vi Truong-Mai, shares the following aftercare instructions.

What to Do Post-Procedure

  • Take over-the-counter medication. After the gum contouring procedure, expect some mild discomfort at the site. You can take the recommended dosage of ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or aspirin. Should your Garland, TX dentist provide any additional medication, make sure to take it diligently. Following any aftercare instructions to the letter promotes a speedier recovery time.
    Furthermore, if you have any swelling, take care to apply ice to outside of your mouth. This not only numbs the area to alleviate any discomfort, it also constricts the blood vessels to reduce swelling.
  • Control the bleeding. For the first 24 to 48 hours you can may experience some minor bleeding at the site. To stop the bleeding, simply apply light pressure with a piece of gauze to the area for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Additionally, avoid hot liquids or foods since this could prolong the bleeding.
  • Eat soft-foods only. During this time, you’re advised to only consume soft foods that require little to no chewing. Items to avoid include: nuts, popcorn, chips, and even ice cubes. Instead, opt for mashed potatoes, eggs, and easy-to-chew pastas. Also, drink plenty of fluids to maintain hydrated throughout the healing process.
  • Keep the area clean. Ensuring the area remains clean and free of food particles is crucial. After eating or snacking, make sure to rinse with lukewarm salt water to stave off infections. Moreover, for the areas not affected by the gum contouring procedure, continue your regular teeth cleaning regimen.

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