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What Causes Teeth Grinding?

Chronic teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, places enormous pressure on your teeth and jaw. Pain, damage, and poor oral health could develop over time, and lead to major consequences for your smile’s beauty, health, and stability. But what causes teeth grinding, and when should people in Garland, TX, seek treatment? In today’s blog, we’re… Read more »

How Do You Know if Veneers Are Your Best Choice?

Some cosmetic smile concerns have obvious solutions. If your teeth are stained, then there’s a good chance that they can be erased with teeth-whitening. If a tooth is chipped, then bonding it could be the simple solution. However, for many patients at our Garland, TX, dental office, smile improvement may involve addressing more than just… Read more »

How Do I Remove Teeth Stains?

If you have stained teeth, you may feel uncomfortable showing your smile when you laugh or pose for pictures. We know how vital a bright smile is for our patients, and we offer cosmetic care to brighten teeth, often in one visit. In today’s blog, let’s look at how professional treatment can brighten smiles in… Read more »

We Can Repair Teeth In One Visit!

Just because you chipped a tooth, doesn’t mean treatment will require several visits. In fact, we often help our Garland, TX, patients enjoy restored and repaired smiles in just one visit. With cosmetic bonding and contouring, we have the ability to provide lifelike repair for a myriad of cosmetic and restorative issues.

Protecting Little Smiles With Dental Sealants

Last week, we took at a look at the importance of routine checkups and cleanings for children in Garland, TX. Today, we would like to talk about a unique preventive treatment we offer to help safeguard little smiles from cavities. How do dental sealants help prevent the onset of tooth decay in children?

Does Your Child Need A Summer Checkup?

Summer means your little ones are home from school, with plenty of free time. What better time to schedule a visit with your Garland, TX, dentist? In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about the benefits of routine checkups for little ones, and what to expect from your next visit.

3 Types Of Dental Bridges

For patients with between one and three missing teeth in a row, we may suggest a custom-made prosthetic that looks natural and prevents the complications of tooth loss. We provide our Garland, TX, patients with three different dental bridge options, including one secured with advanced dental implants. Which one will be right for your smile?

Stopping Cavities With Lifelike Fillings

Treating a cavity not only stops painful toothaches, but also prevents complications, such as the onset of an infection or abscess. To ensure treatment blends with the smiles of our Garland, TX, patients, we typically use a lifelike dental filling. Made from composite resin, we can ensure they will match your tooth and protect the… Read more »