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Dental Crowns at Mai Dentistry

  In the past, patients with broken or decayed teeth had few treatment options. Most of the time, dentist would perform extractions, leaving a noticeable gap in the patient’s grin. Fortunately, a lot has changed since those days. Today, Dr. Vi Truong-Mai, who offers dental crowns in Garland, TX, assures you that extraction is no… Read more »

Going to the Dentist? Three Must-Read Books for Kids

Your child’s first visit to our multilingual Garland, TX children’s dentist office marks one of the most important milestones in his life. As adults, we sometimes view dental visits as routine. For our children, however, the first visit may trigger feelings of anxiety. Studies show that children who understand the purpose for dental visits and… Read more »

Extracted Teeth Could Be the Most Accessible Source of Stem Cells

For decades now, stem cells have been a hot topic among medical experts and ethicists. There is little doubt that stem cells have enormous, even life-changing benefits. They can be used to generate new tissues, and scientists look to these cells to provide answers about genetic disorders, heart disease, and even cancer. However, stem cell… Read more »

Why Do Our Patients Love All-on-Four Dental Implants?

All-on-four implants are quickly becoming one of our most popular offerings in Dr. Vi Truong-Mai’s Garland TX dentist office. These permanent replacement teeth exude a natural look and feel, so our patients feel that they can speak, eat, and smile without many of the drawbacks that come with traditional dental implants. For example, you will not… Read more »

You Won’t Believe These Jaw-Dropping World Records!

When we discuss dental fillings with our patients, most automatically assume that we’re talking about cavities. Actually, fillings serve many purposes. In addition to treating cavities, composite resin fillings also provide support for teeth that have been worn down or chipped. Unlike metal, composite resin creates a subtle, natural tooth structure and is safe for… Read more »

Your Crowning Glory: Dental Crowns Restore Smiles

Dr. Truong-Mai’s patients who need dental crowns in Garland TX have multiple options. You will receive individualized treatment during your appointment, during which we help you select the best material for your crown. We offer durable metal crowns, which work best for molars. If you require crowns on your front teeth, you may benefit from… Read more »

Is Your New Year’s Resolution Dieting? Keep an Eye on Your Teeth!

At Mai Dentistry, we share your optimism for creating a fresh start for your family in 2014. Fitness and weight loss top the list of popular New Year’s resolutions, yet few people commit to taking better care of their teeth. If your family’s New Year’s resolution involves shedding excess pounds, you should understand the relationship… Read more »

Drink Green Tea to Protect Your Smile

Home remedies are an enjoyable and thrifty way to treat a wide range of minor aches and maladies. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of many of these home treatments lack peer-reviewed scientific research to back up their claims. One notable exception to the rule is green tea. According to a recent Japanese study, this refreshing beverage can… Read more »