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What Can You Do To Prevent Gum Disease?

Without preventive care and routine homecare, your gums can become inflamed and more likely to develop gum disease. While very common, periodontal disease does pose a number of risks for the stability of your smile. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help prevent the onset of the disease.

How Do I Keep My Child’s Smile Healthy?

Just like adults, children need routine care to keep their smiles healthy and beautiful. What can you do to keep your child’s smile healthy? In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how preventive care can help instill good habits and protect smiles from the onset of cavities.

What Should I Know About Extractions?

In certain cases, keeping your smile healthy means not preserving a tooth, but removing it entirely. While this may seem counterproductive, often the oral health concerns impacting a tooth mean your oral health depends on the immediate removal of a tooth. What should you know about dental extractions? Is the process comfortable?

What Does Crown Placement Involve?

Last week, we discussed how a dental filling can be used to treat tooth decay. In addition to dental fillings, we also offer a more substantial restoration known as a dental crown. What does placing a crown involve? What damage or oral health concerns can we address using one?

How Does A Filling Repair A Tooth?

Last week, we discussed how an aching tooth could be a warning sign of a cavity. Should you develop tooth decay, how can we fix the issue? With a composite dental filling, we can provide a lifelike solution in a single visit. How does a filling repair the tooth? What can we expect from this… Read more »

Should You See A Dentist For Your Toothache?

When a toothache forms, you may notice a persistent pain in your tooth. This could be caused by a number of different issues, some of which can subside shortly. However, other aches may require the attention of your dentist. When should you see the dentist for a toothache?

Are You Brushing Your Teeth Correctly?

Many people seem confused by this question. How could you not be brushing your teeth correctly? However, often people aren’t aware that without proper cleaning, your teeth can still develop cavities or gingivitis. How do you know if you’re brushing your teeth correctly?

Why Do We Need Checkups?

Last week, we took a look at the importance of dental cleanings. Every six months you also need another kind of visit, a dental exam. Why do we need checkups? With a routine exam, the dentist can help you enjoy a healthier smile and safeguard you against decay and other oral health concerns.

What Benefits Do Cleanings Offer?

You’ve probably heard your dentist recommend a regular dental cleaning. This procedure is essential for protecting your smile against everything from gingivitis to gum disease. However, many people assume proper brushing and flossing is enough to properly safeguard your smile. In reality, you need cleanings to keep your smile healthy.

What Causes My Jaw To Pop?

Have you ever noticed a popping or clicking sensation in your jaw? What may initially seem like an annoying quirk could actually be an indicator of a serious oral health concern. TMJ disorder, also referred to as TMD, impacts our jaw joints and can lead to a higher risk of major oral health complications unless… Read more »